My Favorite Activity: Soccer


Being a Frenchie, I definitely have that French Bulldog stubbornness. I understand all of my mom and dad’s commands, but if I don’t feel like it, I’ll pretend like I didn’t hear them. But there are two ways to make me do what ever mom and dad ask: 1. be holding my favorite treat; or 2. be holding my soccer ball.


My favorite place to play soccer is at Han Gang Park. There is a nice field there where I have plenty of space.

I practiced my heading skills:



But I prefer to mostly just run around and dribble the ball:


My dribbling skills and ball control are impeccable, if I may say so myself.


I also accelerate so quickly that sometimes, the inertia pulls the shirt right off my body. Frenchies can be fast when they want to be.





Water break.

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