about me


I am Mandoo (만두), which means “dumpling” in Korean. I am a girl, and I was born on February 20, 2013. I have a little brother named Turbo (터보) (see below). He was born on July 23, 2015. We live in Seoul, Korea.


My mom was born and raised in Korea, and spent several years in NYC, where she met my dad. My dad is a Korean-American who was born and raised in NYC. They moved to Seoul in early 2013.

My mom loves fashion, so I have a wardrobe that is bigger than that of most humans. I don’t really care whether I’m wearing clothes or not (unless it’s during the winter), but I guess I like the attention I get from people on the street.

My true passion is playing soccer. I am extremely quick and have masterful dribbling and heading skills. Forget trying to get my attention when there is a soccer ball (or any type of ball) around. I’m obsessed!

Thank you for visiting my site. You can also find us on Instagram @mandoofrenchie. If you would like to leave me a comment, I speak English and Korean.


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