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Two Years Old ~ Four Birthday Dresses?


My birthday is February 20. So, I’ve had two birthdays so far.  But I’ve had three birthday parties and four custom-made birthday dresses! Go figure. I guess my mom goes a little overboard.

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My Black Parka

The winter is coming to an end here in Seoul, so I will be putting away my trusty black parka until next winter.

At Yangjae-chun

You mad, bro?

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Dog Pension in Gapyeong-gun


Korea is not the easiest place for a dog to live. Many stores, malls, and cafes prohibit pets.  But, Korea also has many dog cafes and pensions (small resorts/bed and breakfasts). In the summer, my mom and dad often take me to dog pensions to play soccer, swim, and play with other dogs.

Last summer, I went to a dog pension in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do.  I got to see my old friend, Dalja, the Boston Terrier, and her little sister, Choonja, the French Bulldog.  Dalja and I met on vacation in Jeju-do at another dog pension (I’ll post about that trip another day).  Choonja has grown so much since I last saw her, and she is now bigger than me.

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Hanbok (한복), Traditional Korean Outfit

For Chuseok (추석), Korean Thanksgiving, in 2013, I wore a Hanbok (한복),  a traditional Korean outfit.


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