Mountain Climbing in Hoodie Weather – Part 1: Dogok Park (도곡 공원)


There are two small mountains within walking distance of our apartment.  Seoul is nice that way; it is a huge urban metropolis, but there are plenty of nice parks, mountains, etc. all around.

My dad recently returned from a trip to his home town, NYC.  He got me two hoodies, which are perfect for early spring.  This is the first one.  Here are some pics from when dad and I went to Dogok Park, one of the mountains near our apartment.

I hope dad is taking me somewhere fun today.


Dad, these stairs are boring.  Are we going somewhere more fun?


Dad, I betcha can’t touch your tongue to your nose.  I can!



NYPD?  I may be slightly out of my jurisdiction here in Seoul.


Taking a break on our climb.


Dad, enough rest.  Let’s get going.


Are we heading down already?  That’s ok.  I miss mom.


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